Hakan Ezer

İç Mimar

Interior decorator Mr. Hakan Ezer who is known with the performed genuine architectural and interior architectural projects both in and out of country, has rebuilt the four folded building that he bought on 2000 in Çukurcuma which he had completely took down preventing the front of the building. We had met with Mr. Hakan Ezer who had created this building again as a showroom and galleria with steel construction, iron and raw wooden materials in this showroom that is adding a discrete dimension to the historical tissue and soul of Çukurcuma. Ezer is interpreting Çukurcuma with net words as an old district that can be saved and revived with its closeness to activities, ease of reaching possibilities and candidate to be a center. Mr. Ezer, whom we admired the manner and tempo of working shared his experiences and ideas about Çukurcuma as follows: “After the movement of the antique stores from Kuledibi because of the risks of fire etc moreover, settlement of them to characterless business centers in two districts, there remain no street or district that we can visit for antiques in such a historical city, İstanbul. Çukurcuma is a possibility for this purpose. It is again in the spotlight with the historical Turkish baths, historical tissue and infrastructure. I hope it will progress. It was a great pleasure for me to have my office and showroom here. There is a unspeakable and different comfort of being in a district living secretly with history and antiques. ” The collection called PERA, with which he had formed his style and line, produced in small numbers was presented for sale after America in Çukurcuma through appointments by Hakan Ezer is also taking place in many famous worldwide projects, in Washington, White House and these carpet and furnishing creations are also taking place in many consulate buildings.